Herbalife Reviews Highlight the Value of a Personal Wellness Coach

Herbalife Reviews

The state of dietary supplements globally has drastically changed over the past decade. Some of these changes have been for the better, helping people become healthier and more informed. For instance, the FDA has become much more stringent regarding supplement labeling, which has meant fewer people falling for scams. Phony diet pill claims and supplement miracle cures have been limited due to labeling restrictions, which means fewer people are getting negative results from unhealthy diet supplements. It also means fewer placebo pills on the market, which waste consumer money and keep consumers from supplemental products that could actually help them with their health goals.

The cons of supplement packaging changes mostly have to do with the worldwide web.

The internet has had major sway regarding what nutritional supplements make it into customer carts. More people have access to the internet than ever, which means anyone can research potential supplemental products — even the bad ones. Unfortunately, the internet has not made better researchers or writers out of the majority of consumers, so there tends to be a lot of misinformation floating around the digital ether.

The State Of Supplements In 2020

Those who are overwhelmed by or scared of internet-based products often turn to pharmacies and retail stores. This limits the number of supplements from which to choose from thousands to hundreds. But retail environments do not house supplement experts, nor do their employees have the time to devote individually to helping consumers make informed choices. So, not only can it be more challenging for consumers to find out information about a supplement in a retail setting, but it may also still be just as overwhelming.

This fact also leaves out that many people stop taking their supplements after a while. Why? According to the American Medical Association (AMA), people typically stop taking their medications (and suggested nutritional supplements) for eight common reasons — fear, mistrust, cost, worry, depression, lack of symptoms, misunderstanding, and overwhelm. It is no wonder that so many people avoid and stop taking the things that might make them better. There are so few trusted guidance and accountability tools readily available to consumers. Herbalife Nutrition has sought to change this for the tenure of their business.

So, How Does A Consumer Choose A Dietary Supplement?

There is a reason why so many supplements come with disclaimers about speaking to a doctor before starting the regimen. It is essential to ensure that supplements will not interact with normal medications (Like St. John’s Wort and hormonal birth control for instance). It is equally important to ensure that consumers invest their money soundly on a supplement to help them. But there is another reason why speaking with a doctor is essential — doctors are among the few verified groups of people out there who understand how a supplement will interact with the body.

When choosing a dietary supplement, it is crucial to speak with someone who knows how the supplement works, including how long it takes to work for the average person, the benefits and any potential side effects, and which supplements are the best.

Unlike pharmacies or online platforms, Herbalife products are accessible only through independent distributors. Herbalife Nutrition not only consults with physicians and dietitians when developing their products, but they also work with these nutrition advisory boards on training distributors around the world and creating educational materials.

According to several Herbalife reviews, customers enjoy working with trained and educated distributors who serve as their personal coach and guide them on using the right supplements to meet their needs.

How Important It Is To Have Knowledgeable Support

Generic internet articles do not know your personal history, known allergies, dietary restrictions, or preferences. Rather than rely on one-size-fits-all advice, you should seek personalized recommendations, especially if a product can impact your health and wellness. This is why the Herbalife business model works through independent distributors who build a personal relationship with their customers before making any recommendations.

As wellness coaches, independent distributors do more than just promote healthy living, exercise, and Herbalife Nutrition supplements. They are often community leaders and the driving force behind community service and group exercise events. They work in their communities to promote a healthy active lifestyle while encouraging a supportive environment.

Many entrepreneurial distributors operate nutrition clubs, which are great places to meet like-minded individuals with similar wellness goals. Everyone in the community can share their testimonials, personal journey, and Herbalife reviews on which supplements worked best for them.

Having a close relationship with people in a community is proven to boost mental health. These attributes are equally as crucial to one’s health and wellness.

Herbalife Nutrition’s Approach To Personalized Customer Nutrition

The First Steps In Herbalife Nutrition Wellness Coaching

If an independent distributor works for many different members of a single community, they will also try and tailor community events to fit with the lifestyles of others. For example, if a wellness coach worked with a lot of older adults and seniors, they might offer programs with more senior-friendly activities, such as low-intensity workouts or even cardio drumming. Similarly, many independent distributors work with customers with a weight loss goal, so they lead weight loss challenges and inspire their community to reach their next milestones. The combination of nutrition education, exercise, quality products, and community support all work together to help customers find success.

Herbalife reviews show that nutritional supplements are not all-encompassing for their clients. No two clients are likely to have the same exercise, personal, and nutritional routines. Instead, these recommended routines are based on the customer’s wellness goals, capacity, and personal preferences.

Some of the more commonly-recommended supplements include:

  • Protein Shakes: Herbalife’s flagship product is the Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix, which can serve as a delicious meal replacement for weight management or as a means to increase protein intake. The product comes in so many flavors and there are also vegetarian, kosher, and allergen-free versions of the product.
  • Tea Concentrates: Herbalife offers a wide range of teas for every occasion. Some are caffeinated to boost metabolism while others help with relaxation before bedtime.
  • Aloe Concentrates: Aloe drinks help with digestion and offers low to zero calories. They’re a great way to replace calorie-dense drinks.
  • Targeted Nutrition Supplements: Herbalife offers a diverse portfolio of dietary supplements, anywhere from multi-vitamins to supplements for heart health, brain health, eye health, women’s health, and more. The products can come in multiple forms, such as capsules, powders, and soft-gels.
  • Skin Health Products: Herbalife SKIN products include specific ingredients that target different skin types — from oily to dry and everywhere in between. These include basic herbal moisturizing supplements, like aloe vera, and more personalized herbal ingredients to target specific skin issues.

Herbalife Nutrition Wellness Coaches: Why Can They Be Trusted?

At first glance, it might be hard to tell. However, a lot of thought goes into an Herbalife coach’s recommendations and the training they get. Their training is backed by sound science, researched by experts in the nutrition field, and a continuous commitment to the study of nutrition. Herbalife Nutrition wellness coaches receive all their information from Herbalife Nutrition board-certified doctors, trainers, and dietitians, including Dr. David Heber (UCLA), registered dietitian Susan Bowerman, and Samantha Clayton (a former Olympic athlete). Wellness coaches easily access these training materials through mobile apps, video portals, live training sessions, and other resources.

Herbalife Nutrition understands that science is not stationary, which means that sources will always need to be updated. They also work with advisory boards around the world. Company experts regularly revise tools, resources, and materials following the latest dietary studies. Wellness coaches then share this education and motivate customers toward their goals using the most up-to-date scientific information available.

Similarly, the company is dedicated to constantly innovating and improving their products. Around the world, over 4.8 million people use Herbalife products every day, so maintaining this trust is of utmost importance. Product innovation and science departments pay attention to distributor and client feedback when developing new products or flavors. Herbalife reviews help the company understand what customers are looking for.

Going back to the personalization aspect, Herbalife wellness coaches want to make wellness fun and well-rounded for everyone. They will never focus solely on sculpting bodies because even the USDA agrees that people can be healthy regardless of what they look like. In the same vein, people may look fit and healthy on the outside, but may not be getting the right nutrients they need on the inside. Herbalife makes nutrition fun, accessible, and personal because achieving results is only one thing — maintaining them long-term is another.

One thing to note is that Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors are not the nutrition experts at the company. These wellness coaches may come from various backgrounds and communities. While they might not be professional dietitians, independent distributors instead use the company experts’ resources, training, and educational materials to inform and guide healthy lifestyle choices for their customers.

Using Reviews And Knowledge To Inform Decisions

Herbalife reviews and reviews of other products backed by hard science can be better trusted not only because they cater to science but because their approach takes personal reviews and strives to better serve customers based on those. These are the qualities that all consumers should look for from a company.

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