How Gua Sha Helps Perfect Your Skin

The quest for the perfect skin care routine is seemingly never-ending. In addition to new products constantly hitting the market, there are always new application and care techniques being introduced by beauty experts that can make all the difference in helping your skin to feel and appear vibrant and refreshed. Whether you are new to exploring different skin care products and techniques or consider yourself a bona fide beauty buff, learning about the gua sha method can be a game changer in making your skin glow and look as smooth as possible.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua sha is derived from an ancient Chinese way of purifying the skin. The past method often left the skin looking quite beat up and rough, but the new method of gua sha being touted by beauty experts is nothing like the ancient technique. Instead of roughing up your skin, the refined gua sha method can remove toxins and layers of grime that have permeated your skin for years and make it appear duller than it should be. Think of gua sha as a type of facial massage that uses a stone tool to gently scrape against the skin.

What Products Are Used for a Gua Sha Facial Massage?

Having any type of facial can be expensive, and gua sha can be particularly pricey, especially if you book a reservation through a reputable spa. Therefore, so many beauty buffs are turning to at-home methods of gua sha facial massage. You will save time and money by learning the basic techniques of gua sha facial massage on your own. You will also have access to an effective skin care technique any time that you feel your skin could use a major refresher. It is also important to keep in mind that the long-term benefits for your skin from a gua sha facial massage depend on keeping up with the routine consistently and not letting too much time lapse between sessions. When you can perform a gua sha facial massage on your own at home, you are much more likely to experience the sustainable benefits of the gua sha facial massage and will enjoy firmer, more resilient skin for years to come.

How Do You Complete the Gua Sha Facial Massage?

Giving yourself a relaxing and energizing gua sha facial massage is simpler than you might think, but it is important to follow the steps so that you do not end up with irritated or bruised skin. Be sure to give yourself plenty of time for the gua sha facial massage because it is not a process that should be rushed through. The more relaxed you are throughout the gua sha facial massage, the quicker you will be able to see improvement in the texture and structure of your skin after the massage.

What Are the Benefits of a Gua Sha Facial Massage?

In addition to helping your skin look and feel more resilient and smooth, the gua sha facial massage has many other health benefits. Working facial oil along your hairline with a wiggling motion can help improve the quality of your sleep and relieve stress over time. If you have a mild headache, a gentle gua sha facial massage can help remove some of the pressure around your forehead and temples. Do not press too firmly, but you can enjoy a gua sha facial massage whenever you think there is some pressure to release around your face. It can help drain your stuffy sinuses.

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