Talkspace, Betterhelp, or Woebot: Which Online Counseling App Is Right For You?

  • Traditional therapy requires more time for clients to meet with the therapist, while online treatment removes the necessity of driving to an appointment or finding transportation.
  • Clients do not need to be concerned with the stigma of going to a therapist’s office, which often deters them from getting the help they need; instead, they are offered the privacy of speaking with a professional in the comfort of their homes (or another safe place).
  • Individuals who have disabilities and are unable to transport themselves to an appointment can seek help on their own terms.
  • If people are in a challenging situation, such as an abusive relationship, they have the option to seek assistance without raising attention (NOTE: Anyone in an abusive situation should seek immediate help from local authorities or contact The National Domestic Hotline)
  • Reports have posited that conducting therapy in the comfort of one’s home can allow clients to feel “safer” disclosing uncomfortable information. Also, they may be removed from immediate triggers while in their homes.
  1. Assessment: “Chat with a matching therapist to identify your therapy needs.”
  2. Choice: “Choose a payment plan that suits your budget.”
  3. Matching: Talkspace will “help you find the best therapist for you.”
  4. Therapy: “Start messaging your primary therapist anytime, anywhere.”



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